A new blog is born…

and as every first-time-mother, I am very happy and proud to introduce my off-spring. And although I have heard some people talk about clutter on the information highway and  overpopulation in cyberspace, I Рas every good mother Рhope that my baby will have a healthy and long life full of friends, happy memories and good discussions.

This blog is a research blog and the things you can read here are connected to my research project about games as a tool for social innovation. The purpose of the blog is

– to discuss my ideas and findings before they become conclusions

– to communicate results as they emerge

– to share the material that there is no room for in the dissertation

– to attract critical friends willing to reveal their own thoughts and comment on mine

The next three years I will be researching and writing about how games can empower gamers and generate social innovation.

I started my project in September 2011 and if every thing goes well I will finish in September 2014. The project is financed by the department of Communication at Roskilde University, the department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen and the six danish municipalities Billund, Fredericia, Kolding, Middelfart, Vejen og Vejle.

I hope to see you back.